Saturday, March 16, 2013

iPhone Birthdays

You might not know that you can add Birthdays to your contacts. When you add a birthday to a contact it will go on your calendar. You can even setup your iPhone to remind you. Lets dig in.

The first Step is adding a birthday to your contact. Press "Edit" on on existing contact a swipe to the bottom. tap "add field".


Swipe to the bottom once more and tap "Birthday"
input the correct date and tap "Done". 
Now the Birthdays will be shown in your calendar. 

If you would like to be notified when there is a birthday on
your calendar there is one last step. 
Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Swipe to the bottom and select "Default Alert Times"

There tap "Birthdays" and select when you would like to be notified.
(Sorry you can only pick one.)

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Friday, September 14, 2012


When is the sun going down?
Sundowner is a great way to know what time the sun will set, and let your iPhone remind you to be ready. You may press one, two or three of the reminders and your iPhone will notify you
Sundowner uses your iPhone’s GPS location to determine the correct time for the day’s sunset. Be sure to press OK when asked if Sundowner may use your location. Sundowner does not access the internet; it will work in remote locations when cell service can be scarce.
If your notifications don’t seem to be at the right time open Sundowner and it will reset the notification times automatically. 

Group Your Contacts with Emoji Icons

This is a little trick I figured out that is a great way to organize your contacts into groups.
I use it to keep my restaurants I frequently call for carry out in a group.

Step 1: Find the Emoji

To enable the emoji keyboard. Emoji icons are heavily used in Japan for texting and other things. They are also great to have enabled to make iMessage all the better between iPhones.

Go to: Settings > General > Keyboard
Touch Keyboards, right above Shortcuts

Then; Add New Keyboard...
Touch Emoji and it will be added to the keyboards you can type with.

Step 2: Get Organized

As you can see here I added the fork and knife at the beginning of all my restaurants in my contacts. I went a step further and added a second emoji for the type of food they serve. (I like pizza) This will group everything by icon at the bottom of your contact list.

To access them you click on the globe icon that is now beside the spacebar. Touch the globe again to get back to english.

There are 100's of Emoji to pick from and many more are added in iOS 6, They are for use in Japan so you may need to be creative when you use them.

You can organize your contacts by any kind of group, people you work with, school contacts are just a couple examples. You can add them after a name to add a visual cue to a contact. Experiment and have fun.


Emoji are great for texting as you will soon see, keep in mind that only people with iPhones and other Apple stuff will be able to see them.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Tie for Android

Today we published My Tie for Android. It is the same great app we have available for iPhone. 
it can be downloaded in the Android Marketplace. 

Click the marketplace link to download. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to use Siri with Facebook and Twitter

Siri can do lots of things for you and with a few simple steps you can have Siri update your Facebook status or update twitter (yes, Siri can tweet)

What you will do is set up Facebook and/or Twitter to receive a text message from your iPhone.

Step 1: Text "hello" to 32665 (in the US). Facebook will reply to your text, follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Step 1: You can go to, on the lower right side of the screen you will see "Do you text? Sign up for Facebook Text Messagespress sign up and it will ask for your mobile number.

Step 2: Add "facebook" as a contact on your iPhone with 32665 as the phone number. Done

To update your Facebook status simply say to Siri "Tell Facebook..." and Siri will send off a text message to facebook that will be posted as your new status.

Same process here.
Step 1: Text "start" to 40404, follow the instructions that twitter will text back to you.

Step 2: Add "twitter" as a contact on your iPhone with 40404 as the phone number. Done

To post a new tweet simply say to Siri "Tell Twitter..." and Siri will send off a text message that will be your latest tweet.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iCloud - iTunes Match [Updated]

iTunes Match is a new service offered by Apple that puts all your music on all of your computers and iDevices. Unlike the rest of the iCloud services this one will cost you $24.99 per year, a small price to pay for the three big benefits it offers.

  1. All your music combined and synced across all your computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.
  2. No more memory problem on your iPhone, If you find yourself short of memory simply delete some albums, You can add them back later as needed right from the cloud.
  3. No need to sync music to your iPhone or iPad, iTunes Match shows all your music on your device and ready to download.

Lets get started. (click read more)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gmail on your iPhone

There are really two ways to properly set up Gmail on your iPhone or iPad. Google recently released a native Gmail application. Simply Search Gmail in the App Store to find it and read about it features.

The second way is adding it to your native Mail application. It may seem simple to add it as you would add any other email account. Problem is you don't get your email pushed to you when you set it up, read on and I will let you in on the trick of getting your Gmail account to behave like the rest of your mail accounts.